Finishing Tools/Sanders

Looking for High-Performance Finishing Tools to give the Perfect Touch to your Projects?

Trax Kawasaki Australia brings to you a complete range of tools which are designed to offer a flawless outcome every time. Our collection features a versatile range of sanders, angle grinders, orbital sander, belt linisher and more. The tools can be used on a variety of surfaces and are a must-have in your tools collection. Robust and versatile, our tools can help you get any job done faster and better.


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At Trax Kawasaki Australia, we understand that the right tools can make a huge difference. With our high-quality tools, you are able to save time and achieve an impressive finish. You can conveniently get rid of rough edges and achieve results par excellence.

We are home to a complete line of products that are designed to simplify your work. With our broad assortment of tools, you are sure to find one that best suits the needs of your industry. We bring to you efficient tools at the lowest possible price. If you require assistance, feel free to reach out to our team of experts. We will help you select the best product based on the needs of your industry. You can contact us through our online contact form. Alternatively, you can also call us on 03 9786 3222 or email us at


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